Lasik Surgery Consultations

Safe and Effective Lasik Treatment in Utah

At Apple Vision we co-manage lasik surgery.  Make an appointment for a no charge consultation.  Factors that determine your eligibility would be the type of glasses prescription, curvature and thickness of the cornea and the overall health of the cornea.  If you’re a good candidate for lasik, a cycloplegic (dilated) exam is required in our office before surgery.  We will help you schedule the surgery with the Hoopes Vision Center or Dr. Kevin Charlton.  After lasik surgery, we see our patients for a post-op exam at one day, one week, one month, three months, six months and one year.

There is rarely any pain in doing lasik.  Side effects can be dryness and flare or glare around lights. These issues usually resolve within the first year.

You can return to work or school a day or two after lasik but someone should drive you home the day of surgery.  Eye drops are taken for one week after surgery and protective eye-wear is worn for about 5 nights to prevent any rubbing of the eyes when sleeping.

woman after receiving lasik surgery